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Access Stairs

Access Stairs

All types of access stairs and ladders are made to measure by D-Fabs ltd.
Whether you’re looking for general access stairs, rooftop access, fire escapes, access platforms……we will design, manufacture and install the perfect stair to meet your individual needs.

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Dean from d-fabs recently built us a metal stair case and balcony for our Dorma garage. Dean was great to work with on this since he had great ideas and vision for our project. The finished result is excellent, made of materials we had not considered such as aluminium tread flooring and a stainless-steel balustrade. The powder coated galvanised steel finish on the main frame is a work of art. The workmanship in its construction was top notch, and it only took a single day to build on site, with minor adjustments after to achieve perfection. We agreed a very competitive price that couldn’t be beaten by other local manufacturers.
I would highly recommend Dean and his team for any work that involves bespoke metal manufacturing and I’m sure other customers feel the same.

Dr John Bedson



Roof top access ladders and platforms made from mild steel then galvanised to prevent corrosion.


Access ladder with safety cage made from mild steel then galvanised to give access to the third-floor roof.


Roof access stair made from mild steel and then galvanised.


‘Up and over’ roof access stair/platform made from mild steel then galvanised to prevent corrosion.